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December 23, 2010
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It was chilly November afternoon and sixteen years old Karin Kurosaki was sitting in her room, extremely bored, doing her calculus homework. It would probably ruin her tomboy and free spirit reputation, if someone saw her studying. However, she couldn't care less, especially because she did not really have anything better to do…

Karin looked outside the window and dazed of. She did not like winters like this one, gray and dry, with wind freezing you to the bone the very moment you set your toes outside your front door. No, the winter she loved was the mild one, cold, but with fuzzy white snow…

Karin glared at the books on her table and frowned, this was a lesson in futility. She closed the notebook and threw the homework towards her schoolbag. She turned around her bedroom in attempt to find something even remotely entertaining, but failing terribly, she decided this was as good time to go to sleep as any…

Karin didn't know where she is, and even though she did not feel endangered, she simply did not like the feeling. Everything was blue, her favorite, teal color. But she still didn't know where she is, and as much as she liked it here, surrounded by that very pretty color, she wanted to find the way back…

Karin picked up the small path that appeared in front of her some time ago, however, after walking for a while, she wasn't sure, it was such a great idea, as everything around her went black. She felt like screaming, when suddenly, tiny fragments of white started to shine through the darkness. Moment of hesitation and then a big smile appeared on her face, as she realized that those white fragments were little snowflakes, her blessing falling from heaven like an angel feathers…

Karin closed her eyes and when she opened them she almost fainted. The teal was back, she barely suppressed the whimper, about losing the sight of the beautiful snow, when, with the familiar reiratsu sweeping through her mind, she realized, that she was looking into the eyes of someone standing in front of her. Blushed appeared on her cheeks, as she noticed the familiar frown and the flesh of white, not much different from the snow. His frown dissolved in the smile, almost turning to a grin at the sight of her blushing cheeks, then he come closer, close enough for her to feel his breath, and before Karin realized what is happening, he bend over and gave her the sweetest kiss, in the middle of dancing snowflakes…

Toushiro sneezed out of nowhere, sitting in Orihime living room. "Haha, captain, someone is dreaming about you!" Matsumoto giggled. "Ehm, Rangiku-san, I think it is someone is talking about you .." Inoue inquired shyly. Toshiro, desperate to escape the pointless blabbering of his Lieutenant and Orihime, soon to be joined by Rukia, Abarai and Ichigo, considered it very wise to escape till he has the chance to, and so he left unnoticed in the middle of women´s debate over one of the many "very" important matters…

Karin sit up in her bed, images of the very strange dream still in her mind. You know you liked it small voice in her head said. She blushed, when suddenly; she realized she had tears in her eyes. She did not care enough to wipe them; just sit there for a minute, wondering about why she had such a dream just now. Then she noticed strange white gleam lightening her dim room from outside the window. She looked up and a big smile appeared on her face, she quickly put on the clothes and ran outside. Snow!

Toushiro froze still in his tracks when he felt the very familiar reiratsu. He looked up to see the very unusual sight, unusual, but none the less, the most beautiful, in his eyes. Karin Kurosaki, still with a trace of tears on her pretty face, dancing with the falling snowflakes… Yes, he definitely had a reason to like it down in the world of living.

Looking up to see the familiar figure, Karin wondered for a moment when exactly she started to cry from happiness at the sight of the first snow…
Little HitsuKarin thingy I felt like doing - as a start of my spread the HitsuKarin cuteness over the dA project xD Muhahaha

anyhow, enjoy & comment :)
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ah, :iconblushingplz: thanks a lot, glad you liked it :D
TsubakeMimi Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011
aww this story is so touching
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thank you, I am happy you enjoyed it :)
MairuzuEAM Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011  Student General Artist
At first i thought the story was going to be depressing cause of the title but i really loved it P.S. It wasnt depressing at all
Dragon-Screamer Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
haha, the tittle seemed a little depressing, right? :D I am too fluff-mush-lovey oriented person to write too depressing stories xD
MairuzuEAM Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Student General Artist
ikr and sad stories always make me cry and its just to depressing, do thx for the story
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Kiaaaaaahh!! <3 <3 The cutest HitsuKarin story I ever read ! ;D
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wow, thanks :D just one shot, but I am very happy you think so :meow:
Spread hitsukarin cuteneeees :icondragonhug:

Thank you much for faves and watch! :huggle:
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drools cause the story is so cute!
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